Adding –ing / -ed  

Often we need to add -ing or -ed to a verb to make other forms of the verb, for example:
I was talking when John arrived.

Spelling Rule

Just add -ing or -ed to the end of the base verb:

  • work > working > worked
  • play > playing > played
  • open > opening > opened


If the base verb ends in:

do this:

and add:

For example:

consonant + vowel + consonant

and a stressed syllable

double the final consonant



stop > stopping > stopped
begin > beginning
tap > tapping > tapped

But, for example:
open > opening > opened
(because no stress on last syllable of open)

consonant + -e

remove the -e



phone > phoning > phoned
dance > dancing > danced
make > making
rake > raking > raked
dye > dying > dyed


change the -ie to -y


lie > lying
die > dying



lie > lied
die > died



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